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Doctor seeds

A reputed brand from Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.

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to Empowering Growth Together

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Nurturing Nature

Through Innovative Research

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Towards a Unified Goal

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We are Striving For Excellence

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Integrity & Honesty

Our Vision

About Us

Nurturing nature through innovative research

Doctor Seeds is reputed brand of the company Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., which was established in 1994 by an Agricultural Technocrat, Dr. T.L. Dholaria.



Empowering Growth Together & Nurturing Nature through Innovative Research to provide the solution and services to the agricultural problems of Indian farmers using the methods of breeding crop plants for higher yield, superior quality and increased profitability.


Ethics & Core Values

Working together towards a Unified Goal – Teamwork
Integrity and Honesty
Striving for Excellence
Quality Commitment
Encourage Benefit Sharing

Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. Believes in Achievements,
So Our Belief Is Our Way to Success...

Our Achievements...


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Germplasm Collection

We Believe in

Our R&D

Innovative Ideas that Lead Us to New Height
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    Well Equipped Lab

    Using the Bt gene events carrying Cry 1Ac (Mon 531) and Carrying Cry1Ac & Cry2Ab (Mon 15985) company has developed wide range of cotton germplasm which will be used to develop the Bt cotton hybrids suitable for varying agro-climatic condition in the country. To carry out the transgenic breeding successfully company has installed biotechnology research equipment in well equipped laboratory which is being upgraded every year.

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    Research Farms

    Multilocation Research Farms with Transgenic green house and open vent green house, to facilitate the transgenic cotton breeding. And hence, Company has successfully introgressed the BT genes in company’s proprietary elite germplasm of cotton.

Research Farms

A. Crop Breeding
B. Experimental
C. Seed Testing

Well Equipped Lab

A. Biotech Research
B. Seed Testing
C. Quality Control


Automatic and Modernized Seed Processing Facilities

Quality Control

The Stringent Quality Check Parameters are Set to Achieve Excellent Quality.

Selection is allowing us to make mistakes,
R&D is the Science of knowing which ones to keep...

Dr. T.L. Dholaria

Striving towards Excellence

Our Products

and we're proud

We have put together the best of our innovations, the best of our research and this is the result Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., commercialized its first research product i.e. cotton hybrids in 1999 and started the marketing of hybrid cotton seeds in Gujarat and Maharashtra.
Company is engaged in breeding crop plants. Our company has undergone an agreement for use of Monsanto Technology for insect Tolerance in Bt Cotton since 2005.

  • Gold Star BGII


  • Mahasangram BGII


  • Sarju BGII


  • Solar 56 BGII


  • Solar 60 BGII


  • Solar 66 BGII


  • Solar 75 BGII


  • Solar 77 BGII


  • Sarthi 7


  • Sarthi 9


  • Sahiva


  • Savant


  • DBH 5656

    Pearl Millet

  • Sarthi 111


  • Suvarna 333


  • Sarthi 11


  • Solar 76 BGII


  • Sarthi Cumin


  • Solar 96 BGII



Keep in touch. We take care of every aspect of our Products.
It is the most important thing for us.

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Who are we anyway?

Our Team

Integrity and Honesty

We are motivated by young, self-motivated technocrats those stand for innovative ideas and realistic approach to the agriculture industry's problem. Our marketing attitude strengthens its quality product base. We are ever developing novel and better products with processes which suited the best.

Dr. T.L. Dholaria

Chairman & Founder


Denish Dholaria



Dr. Jitendra Kamani

Technical Director


Rahul Kothiya

Quality Control Head


Our Sister Concerns

Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., is having following its sister concern companies as a team

The most important thing

Farmer's Feedback

We like making farmer smile

We could talk for years about how good our products are
but farmer's opinion will always be the truest and most important.

  • Kamleshbhai Chaniyara

    Solar 66 BGII is less Labourer intensive and first choice in cotton picking. I sown in 40 Acre of land and got 21 quintal per acre yield because of big cotton boll size

    Village: Kolki, Taluko: Upleta, Dist.: Rajkot

  • Manubhai Sojitra

    I selected and sown Solar 76 BGII in 5 Acre land. I found it is the best cotton hybrid in market. It is Long duration hybrid and stays green till maturity. It has High resistance to sucking pests, big cotton boll size and easy to pick. I got 20 Quintal per acre yield.

    Village: Kuvadwa, Ta & Dist: Rajkot

  • Batukbhai Varsani

    I sown Solar 76 BGII in 8 acre of land. I found highest germination of seeds. It is having High tolerance to sucking pests. I got 7 quintal yield in first picking only and got net yield of 22.5 quintal per acre.

    Village: Nikava, Ta. Kalawad, Dist. Jamnagar


Call from Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm

Since 1994 of our start up

Our History

Being a leader

The founder Director of the company Dr. T. L. Dholaria has started Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. and created a reputed brand Doctor Seeds, and take company to its present incarnation as a high-tech seed company.

Company Establishment

The company was established in 1994 by agricultural technocrat Dr. T.L. Dholaria with an aim “To provide the solution to the agricultural problems to Indian farmer and better services to Indian agriculture by innovative research using the methods of breeding crop plants for higher yield with superior quality with increased profitability.


First Cotton Hybrid Released

Since 1994, Company started extensive R&D work on new hybrid development. As a result company released non-transgenic researched cotton hybrid variety in year 1998 and started the marketing of hybrid cotton seed in Gujarat and Maharashtra.


Agreement for Monsanto Technology

Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. undergone an agreement for use of Monsanto Technology for insect Tolerance in Bt Cotton during 2005.


First Bt Cotton Hybrid Released

In the year 2007, Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. has released Bt Cotton hybrids for commercial cultivation after all necessary testing and required approval from competent authorities.


Licensing for Bollgard II technology

Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. undergone for licensing process of Bollgard II technology from Monsanto in the year 2008.


Success of Bollgard II Hybrids

Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. delivered Bollgard II hybrids optimised for wide spacing sowing which became more popular among the Gujarat farmers. Dr. Dholaria’s researched hybrids became a highly respected brand among the top seeds companies of India.


Outperformed in Draught

In the year 2012, ‘Doctor Seeds’ Bollgard II hybrids, a brand of Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., outperformed other company’s Bollgard II hybrid in draught condition.


Outperformed in Water Logging

In 2013, ‘Doctor Seeds’ Bollgard II hybrids, a brand of Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., outperformed other company’s Bollgard II hybrid during heavy rainfall and water logging condition.


Demand Exceeded

Survived and thrived through worse environmental conditions, two elite class hybrids namely Solar-76 Bollgard II and Solar-77 Bollgard II proved to be champions and their demand among the farmers exceeds the expectations.


Journey Continue...

Our journey continues towards our audacious goal of serving 10 million farmers through innovative research for delivering avant-grade hybrids with newer technologies in order to fulfill future demands.

And now

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Solar Agrotech Pvt. Ltd.
'Doctor Seeds Complex'
Bhaichand Mehta Ind. Estate, B/H Hotel Krishna Park
NH-27, Gondal Road, Vavdi, Rajkot - 360004, (Gujarat) India
Contact Number: +91-9925865676
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